Good Welcome

Good Welcome

The second annual Brisbane to Keppel Race on Australia’s
Queensland Coast finished up the other day with Peter Harburg’s R/P
66′ Black Jack taking first-to-finish, first on IRC, and first on PHS.
By all accounts, the 347-NM race is a sweet one on a great section of
the Aussie East Coast, and the hosts, organizers and clubs have done
a damned good job of providing the small fleet with real hospitality.
Organizers of distance races all over the world should take a lesson
from the organizers of this new race, who created a very nice website,
provided tracking for everyone and all sorts of live
– even giving prizes for the best updates from aboard the
racing yachts. The partying was also epic, and we’re sure the Bundaberg girls were much better looking after three or four of those gut-busting

SA’er "Cutter" writes: "Very testing sailing in light
airs with many small pressure variances across the course. Given the
second 24hrs of the race was sailed in under 10 knots of air, finding
pockets of 8 knot breeze every now and then in the mainly 2-6 knot air
on Sunday afternoon, night and Monday morning had its rewards. Plenty
of tide variety across the course added another tactical element.

"At night it was so very black with no moon, it made the shooting
star action spectacular and some of the trails where epic. The whale
action along Breaksee was plentiful and we had some breaches that were
pretty close and spectacular.

"I’d recommend doing the race to anyone – there were a lot of
options getting to Breaksee, and then you have a heap more again from
their North. Very tactically challenging, plenty of snakes and ladders
action. We managed a circle with the chute on in the wee hours of Monday
morning and the off watch crew didn’t believe us till we showed the
gps track."