Girls Getting Wet:

Girls Getting
Wet: The Recap

was indeed warm and sunny for Bayview Yacht Club’s 5th Annual
Women’s Invitational Regatta held last weekend. The conditions
were near perfect for racing despite a bit of light air on Sunday morning.

The big news of the weekend was the outstanding performance by 19-year-old
Lauren Knoles and her team on Pretty, Fast. With an average age of 15.5
years and only 22 years of racing experience between them, these young
sirens won 14 out of 15 races in the U-20 class beating women who were
more than two to three times their ages. Defiant Blitz Wave, helmed
by Chris Erdmann, was the only boat to beat them and upset the perfect
record in race 13. Our good pals Orphan and ZiggyandRolo took second.