Some Kind of Monster, Ken Read gives you a great read on his upcoming Puma “il mostro” VOR effort. Enjoy.


Some Kind of Monster

Ken Read gives you a great read on his upcoming Puma "il
mostro" VOR effort. Enjoy.

SA: Give us a little insight into the sail package
for this VOR. In what areas are you concentrating? Spinnaker development?
Film and fibers? Is there anything left in terms of breakthrough or
are sails for these things more evolutionary?

KR: For sure this event will be different from the
last Volvo, as all the boats have pushed themselves wider to the powerful
side of the box rule. Therefore, I don’t think we will see one
boat dominate like the last race—and the little things become
that much more important. Honestly, I think ABN Amro 1 could have flown
cotton sails last race and still won. With that said, we have spent
a ton of time with our sail designer JB Braun and the entire North Sails
team working on our sail program. Wind tunnel sessions, different fiber
orientations, sail sizing—it is all critical as we are only allowed
24 sails for the race and 11 on board. Making fast sails is one thing
but they have to last as well. A sail card is treated like gold. So-
to answer your question—we have been working hard on all aspects
of the sail development and although I don’t see a “code
0” type breakthrough on the horizon- you never know! On a side
note, I think JB is psyched for this race to start more than anyone
because we drag him offshore with us almost every trip. He puts on a
brave face and has worked at the sail development harder than any of
us could ask—but I think he is ready to go back to being a desk