Global Warming©


is a little known fact that at 54 degrees north, we here on the Isle
of Wight, are the same latitude as Cape Horn.

The reason we didn’t all jolly well up and off it ‘cheese-side’
after the war, is that we bask in the loving embrace of the Gulf Stream
– a warm current that swirls its way round the world to remind
everyone just who on the planet God truly loves, and equally – who he

Yes, yachting on the Solent is a childhood revisited; – warm wet fun
playing boats in the bathtub – then into bed for happy dreams.

There is however, the other 11 months of the year and truth be known,
this global warming thing can’t come soon enough! It came up at
committee last month and everyone voted “yes”.

But I confess to be struggling with the concept.