Women Overboard


The gals (Nauti
) who regularly race the Antrim 27 "Rattle and Hum"
here in SoCal, had a harrowing experience this weekend. Racing in the Santa
Barbara to King Harbor
race, off the wind in about 20 true, they
spun out, ejecting owner/driver Sue Senescu and mainsail trimmer Judy
Karlson into the water. We spoke with both Sue and Judy on the phone
today and Judy said that while getting chucked off the boat, she got
tangled up in the sheets to the point that the boat was dragging her
under. By the time she untangled herself, the boat had drifted away
and she couldn’t get back to it. She treaded water for about twenty
minutes and was getting tired as daylight was fading. Fortunately, the
J/37 Sidekick was nearby, heard about the distress on the radio, found
Judy and pulled her aboard. Owner Senescue made it back to Rattle and
Hum and luckily, everyone was safe. We’ll have a complete story from
Sue later, but this one could have easily turned out far worse.