Clean Report, MacMemory



Our little trip to Chicago and Mackinac Island was truly a delight.
Working with Torresen
and Miss Mackinac herself, we helped bring the epic 100th
running of that freshwater
to thousands of you, and hopefully we’ve preserved the race
for you forever. We’re still hunting for some final clips that never
made it online, but this weekend we uploaded nearly everything to the
thread, including video interviews with many of the winners, and of
course, the
Girls of the Chicago-Mackinac Race
. Enjoy it all, and please be
sure the unofficial
news site
for the Mackinac race as well as Torresen Marine. If you
liked our coverage half as much as we liked creating it, go ahead and buy something
from them
to show your appreciation – their prices are excellent,
the people are some of my favorites and all top sailors, and it’s a
family-owned business.

We’re also starting to put together our plans for Key West 2009 –
if you have any ideas, or your company is interested in being a part
of the biggest On-The-Water coverage ever, drop
us a line
– and thanks for watching.