Here’s Why


Here’s Why

Sebastien Destremau asks why Larry Ellison did not pick up the phone
and call Ernesto Bertarelli to make a deal for the 33rd AC instead of
filing an appeal. Well two quick reasons jump out.

One, as Ernesto won the latest court decision – in a series of court
decisions that have gone both ways – why did he not pick up the phone?
He was in the strong position that would allow generous discussion to-wards
a deal that might work for all potential challengers and the AC future.
What could Larry offer Ernesto that Ernesto did not already have – albeit
perhaps only for a temporary moment. Indeed, now with the ap-peal filed,
either can phone the other. It is not too late. Now Ernesto has something
to lose. Maybe one has phoned the other. We can hope.

Second, it is instructive to compare how each side responded to the
decision in their press statements on July 29. Here is the gist of each.

“We are surprised and disappointed by this ruling. We will now
be taking legal
advice and considering the next step,” Tom Ehman, the club’s
spokesman, said.