On Top!



You know, these kids are good.

Another long day on the water leaves us sitting on top of the leader
board at the end of the Round Robin at the Internationaux de France,
only dropping two races to Damien Iehl and Matthiu Richard. After losing
most of yesterday’s racing to poor sailing conditions, the race
committee were pushed hard to finish the Round Robin, and did so –
completing all 8 flights in just over 10 hours.

We approached our last race with confidence after winning all of our
races, except for the world number one Matthiu Richard after a mix up
with which mark to round. However we were quickly brought back down
to earth as Damien Lehl won the heavily favoured pin off the start line.
We initiated a tacking duel, and made some good gains up the first beat.
We managed to force a split in the second upwind, but unfortunately
it was to the wrong side and we were back to square one.

Although it is always nice to finish the day on a high, it was probably
to our advantage to get a reality check before entering tomorrow’s
quarterfinals. The Scores after the Round Robin are as follows:

  • Mirsky 9 wins
  • Richard 8 wins
  • L ehl 8 wins
  • Minoprio 7 wins
  • Brenac 7 wins
  • Wibroe 6 wins
  • Baritel 5 wins
  • Ainslie 5 wins
  • Orel 3 wins
  • Morvan 3 wins
  • Neugodnikov 3 wins
  • Lanier 2 wins