It’s the political season, and that means it is time for polls –
but Mad Mariner is more concerned with boaters than voters. The first-ever
Mad Mariner Poll debuted this week, a unique effort to cut through the
dockside chatter and industry marketing and ask boaters directly about
the issues that matter to them. What’s the true impact of rising fuel
prices? Do boaters really wear lifejackets? Is boating more friendly
to men or to women?

The Mad Mariner Poll queried 400 boat owners – 200 men and 200
women – nationwide to get answers, and the result is a trove of
new information on how we use our boats. For example, several questions
combined to help generate this week’s article
on rising fuel costs
, which showed that two thirds of those polled
are either boating less often or taking shorter trips this season. Next
week, Mad Mariner will take on gender issues and release the full results
of the poll. The Mad Mariner Poll, commissioned by the magazine and
conducted by a professional pollster, is an effort to deliver exclusive
information that helps you better understand the boating community in
general and your boat – or your crew – in particular. Enjoy

Glen Justice, Editor