Now What?


Now What?

Once again the knowledge that most thought they knew has gone by the
wayside. Most of this can be attributed to not knowing as much as we
really thought we knew, it goes much deeper than what we even know now.

But on the surface, even EB himself seemed resigned to the fact that
the DoG match was going to happen, the ruling was just going to be a
matter of the date. Now he most likely is in a quandary of what to do
now like the rest of us do not know what is next.

What is there of CNEV to now fulfil the role of CoR? Will EB have to
step-in and float them along to keep the ball rolling?

What of Desafio, who bailed to another club, leaving CNEV technically
without a representative AC team?

Is the current agreements from last fall still in effect, like the
AC90 rule or does everything start from scratch, based on the ‘tolling’
of the CNEV challenge until 10 months notice from the delivery of this