Drop In


There are a lot of media requirements to be for filled in The Telefonica
, and here in Palma we had a real a real fun day together with
Giselda Pulido… Only 14 years of age and already a 4 times world champion
in kite surfing. We Volvo sailors think we are sometimes “crazy”,
but nothing compared to what this girl is doing. We were lucky as we had
18-20 knots of breeze, we were blasting along doing a couple more knots
than windspeed, and this girl ripping along besides us, in the mean making
massive jumps. Sometimes even right over the chase boats with the press
people in. We sailed right across the bay of Palma, and in the end fatigue
was playing a part, after all her spectacular jumps. The final outcome
was a little speed edges for the Telefonica boats, but can imagine with
a bigger kite Giselda would have dusted us clean. Photo by María