Blind Squirrel Finds Acorn


Blind Squirrel Finds

Arguably the worst
environmental president
since the bad actor Ronald Reagan ruled
the country with a fascist fist, it looks like The
found a bill even he couldn’t fuck up. No doubt he signed
the Clean
Boating Act
so his right wing fishing buddies could throw as much
shit in the water as they wanted, at least the ruling does keep all
of us from having to deal with nightmarish gov’t regulations. However,
there is almost no doubt that environmental regs will be tightened up
for all of us at some point in the future. Hopefully they can figure
out a way to accomplish that without all the governmental bullshit.
Good luck….

In what has to be the closest 11th hour scenario in the US recreational
marine industry’s history, President George W Bush yesterday signed
the Clean Boating Act of 2008 into law. The president’s signature prevents
a "bureaucratic nightmare" for millions of US boaters as well
as the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It also represents
a significant lobbying victory for the National Marine Manufacturers
Association (NMMA) and other boater groups that campaigned for the passage
of the bill through both houses of Congress, all the way to the White

"The recreational marine industry and boaters throughout the
US can now rest easy and go boating without a federal or state permit,
heavy penalties and absurd legal jeopardy," said Scott Gudes, NMMA
vice president of Government Relations, in a statement. "We applaud
President Bush and Congress for their bipartisan efforts to reverse
the unintended and potentially devastating consequences of an overbroad
federal court decision."