You Need a Nanny


Need a Nanny

was unbelievable, it was the best venue I have been to all over the
world, the perfect beach, the perfect breeze, great boats, great people,
it was just awesome. We’ve had a great time and will be back next
year." This was Scott Nixon talking about the ‘Nanny Cay
Nations Cup’ in the British Virgin Islands after he had placed
third with his Team USA.

This November 15/16 up to 20 National teams will assemble at Nanny
Cay Marina beachfront for a weekend of nautical jousting with national
pride at stake. Racing
in Paradise
built a fleet of IC24’s specifically for this
type of event. They set up the regatta village with a mobile bar on
the beach full of ice cold Stella Artois and generally organise the
racing and recreation.

The Sir Francis Drake channel is ‘turquoise sea and white clouds’
tradewind perfect with the race course set just off the beach. There’s
a pool to cool off in and with the ‘round robin’ racing
format at any time half the crews are ashore enjoying the scene. National
flags are flying, the commentary is lively with up to the minute race

Last year Peter Holmberg won for the USVI, before that it was the BVI…can
anyone out there come up with a team to take this trophy out of the
Virgin Islands? Racing in Paradise is advertising with Sailing Anarchy
to reach its famed international audience. Come on Team Italy, Team
France, Team Australia…let’s see what you are made of! Oh
yeah, Team Anarchy will be there. For more details visit www.racinginparadise.com