Da Kine


What’s not to like here? It is almost too perfect! From anarchist Chris
Jongerius: Some time ago you asked for photos of old spinnakers, still
in use. Well look at this one, and believe it or not, in this action shot,
Oh La La is serious racing, 30 +knts, double reef and "storm"
spi, during Phuket
Race Week
, Asia windiest regatta. Oh La La got sponsored to pay the
entree fee and of course get party tickets! Check out their upwind
. A real top venue, with the Firefly one design 850 catamarans
flying around the course at 25+, classics, Mumm’s, Farr 40, Swan 42, Cruisers
and big Cat’s. Phuket offers more than the ”windless” Kings Cup, this
regatta is gaining in popularity and now you can see why! Picture
taken by Rolien Beute.