Did Fossett Fake His Death?

Did Fossett Fake His

We were skeptical from the outset when it was reported that
Steve Fossett could not be found after going missing, but we became
resigned to the theory that he simply could not be found in the very
difficult terrain of Nevada. But, here’s a new take from the Telegraph:

Round-the-world flying adventurer Steve Fossett may have faked his
own death, investigators have claimed. Fossett, a friend of Virgin boss
Richard Branson, and the first man to fly non-stop round the earth in
a hot air balloon, went missing last September when his final flight
in a light plane over the Nevada desert went missing.

However, Lieutenant Colonel Cynthia Ryan of the US Civil Air Patrol
has said Fossett, whose body or plane was never found, could still be
alive. She said: "I’ve been doing this search and rescue for 14
years. Fossett should have been found.

"It’s not like we didn’t have our eyes open. We found six other
planes while we were looking for him. We’re pretty good at what we do."
Fossett’s disappearance sparked the biggest search in American history,
with the Civil Air Patrol’s Black Hawks, fitted with infra-red technology,
joined by over 30 private planes and internet experts scanning the Nevada
desert looking for clues. Lt Col Ryan believes Fossett may have faked
his own death due to personal problems or fears about his business dealings. Read
the story