So the local fish wrap here in Dago had a small
on local boy and Laser Olympian Andrew Campbell’s visit (along
with all US Olympic athletes) to see the phony president at the White
House. “It was amazing,” Campbell, a 24-year-old alum
of The Bishop’s School in La Jolla, said after he and other team members
emerged from a visit with Bush in the Oval Office. “He’s the most
powerful man in the world and he appreciates what we’re doing and what
we stand for beyond just the athletics of it.”

We suppose it would be asking too much for an athlete to not fawn over
the Criminal in Chief at this particular moment in time. Just once we’d
like to see one of these guys say something like: "Of course I
am proud to represent the US in the Olympics, but I am truly saddened
by our occupation of Iraq and our country’s poor standing in the world,
most of which has taken place during the last seven and a half years."
Hoping for another Tommie
Smith moment
, especially from a sailor, is probably not too likely.

The story continues: During a Rose Garden ceremony, the president
told the athletes they have a responsibility to “convey our nation’s
most cherished values.”
Does Bush mean like the values he
conveys? What kind of values are inherent in war, lying, corruption,
incompetence, torture, fiscal irresponsibility? What a joke.

It would appear the Chinese methods of censoring people aren’t necessary
here in America. Nobody dares to utter a word. Which is particularly
odd, given the incredibly political nature of these Chinese Olympics
and the sad state of this country. Speaking out at a time like this
would seem to be perfectly….American.