100 Miles



The Moore 24 double handed team of Stephane Plihon and Jean-Philippe
Sirey in the Pacific
are getting close

We just made our 100 mile check-in, meaning we’re only 100 miles from
the finish line. Next check-in will be at 25 miles from the finish line.
We got it by a huge cloud with some major rain and wind. For a while
we were sailing 10+ knots and everything was great. Well, for the past
2 hours we’ve been sailing super slow… very frustrating to get those
extremes from one minute to another. The wind is supposed to be in the
16-18 knots range in the area. Let’s hope we find it soon so we make
some headway towards Kaneohe Bay.

Last night was maybe the wildest night in my 3 crossings to Hawaii.
It was cloud after cloud with no visibility. We were sailing in the
low teens at all time. This morning we calculated we covered 65 nm in
6 hours, basically 11 knots average. The concentration was extreme.
There was no margin for error, everything was going so fast. Let’s hope
our last nights is a little bit more relax. Moore Havoc had a great
day yesterday and there are now ahead of us. Congratulations to them
for this great comeback.