Round Up Cool, calm and eventually collected

Round Up

Cool, calm and eventually collected
An experienced couple were out in rough weather, homeward
bound in their 30 foot gaff cutter, Corncockle, about 6 nautical miles
south east of Anvil Point, off the UK Dorset coast, when the 62 year
old skipper decided reefs were needed.

Having reefed the mizzen, he was going for’ard to reef the main, when
he slipped on the wet deck, lost his footing and went overboard, badly
hitting his nose and injuring his leg on the way. Fortunately, he was
wearing a lifejacket and was clipped onto the yacht by a harness, but
– as he went overboard, the line caught round his leg – and he was left
hanging on the side, in the water.

His wife was unable to recover him and, after discussing the situation,
they decided she would send down a further line and tie her husband
more securely to the boat, before going down below to broadcast their