On Board, Paradise



Is the R/P 45 Criminal Mischief on their way to an overall
win in the Pac Cup?

Day 6
10:30 PDT
TWS 20.8
BS 16.50

TWA 14

Heading 220 Mark 238.

Well we survived another death star last night spent an hour or more
getting back to the prevailing pressure. we spent pretty much all night
on port gybe in squalls straight down course except for the hour when
we were light from the death star.

This morning we crossed gybes with Rage the scratch boat in our fleet
by about a 1/4 mile and were holding them there until the wind built
to 23 knots at which point we just left them for dead we put them back
onto the horizon in 3 hours!! when the wind reach’s 20 knots we just
have another gear overdrive!!

As the morning results have shown us we have finally put some miles
on the Velos to have us leading our fleet and 3rd overall. But we are
still concerned with the leverage our fleet got to us to the north where
we have been pretty much protecting that side for the last shift in
the finish. But sailing straight at the mark on port gybe was just what
we had to take advantage of, So for now we have a new plan hope that
the wind shifts back to 050 for a starboard favored split for us.

We have been sailing conservative down the middle just staying on the
favored gybe which in the end should be the safe call for us as the
Grib files are showing even pressure on the whole course with no big
shifts to go for leverage.

Today from noon on as been very light air in the 10 to 12 knot range
we are just glad that the wind has built back up into the high teens
low 20’s, so we might have a chance to catch the few boats in front
on corrected time.

The Criminals out