Double Bullets

in the Sewer


of the nicer features of coastal racing at the Breitling Cup is that
the course back, forth and around the Bay of Palma is nearly identical
each year. There’s a little tweaking here and there to accommodate
the conditions of the day but the primary features remain intact, making
the course familiar to almost everyone in the regatta. The start of
the this year’s 33-mile coastal race was a pretty big indicator
of this, as most of the fleet, Quantum Racing included, wanted to work
the left on the first beat. We executed a nice start in the middle of
the line and showed promise of working over the boats both above and
below us. And then we caved! Forced to tack right and take the transoms
of what seemed to be half of the fleet we found ourselves back in that
cloud of WTF! However, a little later, with most of the fleet to the
left of us with the left caving in, things were looking a lot more rosy
and we rounded first with the German TP52 Platoon right on our heels.