On Board, Pizza Hut



The Moore 24 double handed team of Stephane Plihon and Jean-Philippe
Sirey in the Pacific
are hungry

Another wonderful note of support (see below). Thank you Suzanne. You
guys at the foundation and at the school are great, it is such a pleasure
to work with you on those projects.

The strategy that we have been building over the last couple days doesn’t
look so good anymore… As of today we’re still in 3rd position but
the advantage is for Moore Havoc and Moonshine. The breeze came up north
and they’re fully taking advantage of it to make a comeback. And with
the wind going right we are at another disadvantage on them. The cards
have been played, we can only keep pushing hard until the end and see
what happens. At least it makes it for an interesting finish for people
following the race online.