On Board, Criminal Behavior 2


Behavior 2

Tthe R/P 45 Criminal Mischief had a very mixed day on their
way to Hawaii.,,Btw, how’s 17.7 knots of boatspeed in 20 true sound?

Day 5
7:40 PDT
TWD 052
TWS 20 knots
BS 17.70
TWA 152
heading 198 Mark @ 228

Another day of surfing to Hawaii!!! We have spent most of the day gybing
back & forth on the split for the finish to keep us centered up
on the course so if the wind does shift more to the east we won’t over
stand the finish from 700 miles out!

Looks like us and Holua have traded our days runs in for the others.
As they had the best day with 289 same as we had yesterday. We had a
pretty eventful night as we had a few things happen to us that we feel
helped caused our loss of miles to both Flash & Holua, first we
got swallowed up by the death star of light air from a squall

And spent 30 minute’s reaching away from the mark in 7 knots of wind
to get clear of it!! this i think was the first time i have ever experience
such a big death star, Then to cap it off we were flying straight at
the mark gybing back & forth in front of a squall and then we hooked
a fishing net! Which resulted in us having to drop the kite and back
down in 25 knots, Let me tell you this is not and easy task in this
boat with very small blades. So needless to say we were very happy with
the position reports and our losses, hopefully we can keep these at
a minimum.

Time for dinner. The criminals out.