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This is my story! by Michel Hodara – CEO of AC Management
– An interview conducted by Sebastien Destremau.

The news of Michel Hodara leaving AC Management took the America’s
Cup community and the sailing world by surprise early this week. Following
last week end announcement, Sébastien Destremau has conducted
an interview with America’s Cup Management’s CEO Michel Hodara
and the event’s Marketing and Communication’s Director Paco Latorre

Sebastien Destremau: Michel Hodara, the news of the
CEO leaving America’s Cup Management took the sailing world by surprise
last week end. You have a reputation of being very secretive however
can you enlighten us the reason of your departure?

Michel Hodara: There is not one but multiple reasons
actually. The most important one is very personal and probably a bit
selfish. Somebody offered me a job that I really wanted to accept. This
is a complete change in my career as I am moving out of the sport and
event management to move into the Television Entertainment Business.
This is something I am very interested in and I look forward to the
challenge ahead of me.