Cool, Cayard


Cool, Cayard

I’ve certainly given Paul Cayard a fair amount of grief over the years,
some justified, some not, but I’ve got to say that his current adventure
is pretty cool. Maybe it comes with being a Dad, but the idea of doing
a transpac to Hawaii for the sole reason of wanting to do it with his
kids is pretty righteous.

We read that Cayard was pondering turning 50, and he thought he’d better
seize on an opportunity to do a race – in this case to Hawaii – with
his kids. Cayard of course has the means to pull off a good effort and
he did – he bought an already trick Santa Cruz 50, made it more trick,
went light (freeze dried food? C’mon dude), bought some new sails, and
currently find themselves winning their class and very likely will be
first to finish to boot (starts are staggered by days, so that is a
deceptive title).

Nobody thought that he’d do much less than that on the race course,
but unless I have this wrong, their race is much more than that – a
bonding event with his kids that none of them will forget. A chance
to spend a lot of time together in maybe the greatest environment of
all – the ocean, in a race, in a good boat, while kicking ass, has got
to be about as good as it gets. But who knows, maybe the kids think
Dad’s an a-hole and can’t wait to get off the boat, but somehow I doubt

My kids are just completing their first junior sailing program, and
I’d like to think that maybe we can do something like that one day.
Assuming my kids don’t think Dad’s an a-hole…