On Board, Pushin’



The Moore 24 double handed team of Stephane Plihon and Jean-Philippe
Sirey in the Pacific
are amaking a mess.

Yesterday we kept on pushing south to look for more pressure. Just
before night we dropped the main and the spinnaker to inspect the lines
for chafe. Then we decided to hoist the .6 spinnaker and for the occasion
renamed it ‘wind maker’. At first the spinnaker was confused but after
a brief ‘tete a tete’ he understood the mission. Later that night he
delivered and we got strong and steady winds. It made for some fun sailing/surfing
in a dark night.

At 4am we got lifted and decided to gybe. We then had a nice 6 hour
ride straight towards Hawaii. It felt good to knock down some miles
directly towards the finish line. We did some more south today but are
now pretty much committed to go west for the next few days. It will
be difficult to make a come back on Barbaloot and Alternate Reality
but we put ourselves in a position to at least try. From now on every
mile sailed will be pretty much a mile closer to a mai thai. Waiting
for that moment where you can see the Islands far on the horizon…
always a great feeling after so many days at sea.

Just did an inventory of the food. We have only consumed 3 days of
freeze dried food out of the 16 days we brought. Kind of interesting
as we’ve been at sea 9 days. Our diet has been mostly based on everything
you could easily grab and go on watch, meaning no more bananas, no more
apples, 1 more carrot, 10 oranges left, the cereal and snack bars took
a hit… It looks very much like we’re going to have to start eating
the freeze dried food if we want to survive the remaining 5 days.

One piece of advice if you use some freeze dried food: follow the instructions
on the box. Be advised not to shake the pack right after you add the
boiling water. The pressure is such that it can open the zipper and
you can imagine the rest. Always fun to spend part of your off watch
cleaning the mess inside the boat.