More Pac Cup

More Pac Cup

Today’s Pacific Cup press release mentioned the boat history of the
race’s current leader, Raindrop, a Cascade 36 out of Portland Oregon.
Thirty years ago, the boat was sailed to victory in the Vic-Maui. What
they missed was the Pac Cup history of the two crew of Raindrop, Joby
Easton and Bill Huseby. This year marks the twentieth anniversary of
Joby and Bill’s last double-hand effort in Paccup. Back then, they simply
double handed Bill’s Soverel 33 Sting to victory. They look to be on
the verge of doing it all over again twenty years later. Quite the feat
if they pull it off.

An additional item of interest lies with the Moore 24 currently in
3rd place of the DH2 fleet, Le Flying Fish. This marks the second consecutive
Pac Cup that the owners of that particular boat have used their participation
in the race to raise awareness and funds for children’s causes. This
time, Jean-Philippe Sirey & Stephane Splihon are two Sailors on
a Mission (www.sailorsonamission.org) on behalf of Children’s Hospital
& Research Center Oakland.

In 2004, it was Peter Guilfoyle and Jeff Duvall (currently a crew member
of Bequia in the race’s Division C) that formed ProjectLife
and raced the same boat, then the Keeli Quinn, to benefit of
the March of Dimes to the tune of more than $20K. Unfortunately we hear
all too little these days of those type of efforts by the sailing community.
It’s a feel-good story due some pub.

Peter Guilfoyle
Keeli Quinn – Pacific Cup 2006