Yo Vinny


This beauty has been
getting a lot of attention from a bunch of anarchists, so we got a quick
bit of info for ya.

Vincitore was designed by
R/P and built in New Zealand by Davie Norris Boats who did a fantastic
job building the boat in well under 4 months. Jim Mitchell was after
a boat to charter for the 100th Mac race as it would also be his father’s
50th Mac Race! Jim Mitchell Sr is 76! We also have at all times racing
have one of Jim Senior’s grand children to keep it in the family. Unlike
the last boat the guys raced on which was a cave inside Jim was looking
to add a little comfort to the trip for Jim Sr. so this is how he ended
up with the deal with Southern Cross Yacht charters getting Vincitore
to the US. The boat is fast but she also has all
of the comforts
like a real galley, fridge for the BEER, enclosed
head, and comfortable bunks! I looked after the build for Southern Cross,
And The R/P guys were awesome to work with to get a Fun, Fast and Comfortable
boat. The rig was from NZ rigging and the Sails from Quantum so it is
also nice to not follow the whole if you want a good boat you are stuck
with the evil empire theme! – Rodney Keenan.