Clean Report, Miss Mackinac


Miss Mackinac

and I aren’t really planners – we prefer to go with the flow when
deciding what events to sail, what events to report on, and where our
next On-The-Water Anarchy project will be. Our lack of certainty until
shortly before a regatta is a bit stressful, but it has translated into
some incredible opportunities around the world. This summer was no exception
but for one event – the 100th running of the Race
to Mackinac
. Way back in February we decided we couldn’t miss it,
and started looking for a fun ride to crew on for this blowout –
we knew it could be the biggest race on the Great Lakes in history.

The spring saw great racing
opportunities materialize, only to later disappear. We lost our ride on
the catamaran Nice Pair when the owner took on a partner for the summer
campaign, and we’d already turned down a GL-70 when we thought we were
sailing the cat. Our shitty timing and disappearance to Europe for all
of June made us miss possible rides on The Cone of Silence and both Melges
30s – Nemesis and Peerless – and just two weeks before the
big event, we still had no idea what we were doing.