La Figaro Solitaire Prologue


Figaro Solitaire Prologue

51 single handed Figaros solos on the line in 20+ knots of breeze, the
“Green Giant” Gildas Morvan takes the prologue race for
the 39th
Figaro Solitaire
. Although reportedly being superstitious enough
to believe winning the prologue was bad luck, the boat he followed around
half of the course, Kone (Nicolas Berenger) sailed “low and slow”
on the only spinnaker leg giving the “Green Giant” no option
but to sail around him rounding ahead by a boat length at the leeward
mark and maintaining that on the final upwind leg to the finish.

Having sailed 12 Figaro Solitaires, America’s Cup, Olympics, match racing
and placing in the top of a host of solo events, he is considered one
of the favorites.