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roads lead to China ©

My Dear Chaps,

has been an unmitigated disaster – the bloody thing smells awful!
It’s been two months – one month doing the extensions to
fit it in and then another month waiting for the “air to clear”.
But it bloody well hasn’t. Lady P is furious. Twice had to cancel
book club and her turn for high tea for the auxiliary. Told them the
builders were still in she did, but Mr Clements has been obvious spending
his ‘builders margin’ down at the Anchor so no doubt word
was already out. All very embarrassing for her.

Plus I’m getting funny looks down at the Royal and I’m
wondering if Lady Snivilleworth isn’t behind rumours that all
is not well between the Bard-Arse’s. Of course nothing could be
further from the truth – makes the finest fruit cake in the Club,
and knows the odd think about tugging ropes, reason I married her in
the first place, but you don’t need scuttlebutt do you.