Olympics, Return of the Weed


Return of the Weed

Of course, it never really went away….From Radio
New Zealand

New Zealand’s Olympic sailors have been trialling various options to
try and overcome the weed problem still plaguing the yachting venue
in Qingdao.

The 470s coach Nathan Handley, who’s just returned from China, says
much of the choking weed which arrived a month ago was cleared by 10,000
workers late last week, but a storm in the past few days has brought
it back. During one training session the crew sailed downwind with their
rudder and their centre board up, to try to deal with the weed.

Another solution they trialled was a weed stick of sorts to clear the
weed as they sail through it. Handley says they’re back up there next
week but along with sea fog the weed looks like it’s still going to
be a problem.