Innerview, This Time…


This Time…

Patrick Shaughnessy, President of Farr Yacht Design gives us
a look at their new VOR effort and more.

SA: Farr design has but one
team this go around, Telefonica. What are the design goals of the boat(s)?

PS: Historically for the Volvo
race FYD had self funded an R&D project with the hope of resale
opportunities. That approach lead to weak relationships with our teams,
because the R&D work was carried out in isolation, and because boat
development post design was completed without designer interaction for
fear of cross pollination. Our internal goals were to find a well funded
team that would allow us to complete a thorough R&D project, and
to be part of a competitive team for the whole race. In a design sense
our goals were to deliver a product meeting the specific needs and wants
of our client, to produce a design concept capable of winning the race,
to design and support reliable engineering solutions, and to race support
our team through the whole of the event.

SA: In what areas are the two
boats different?

PS: A keen observer
will be able to spot some subtle differences on the boats. The Telefonica
team wishes to remain silent on the exact differences between the two
boats and instead would like to have the other teams guessing a little