On Board, Seven & Seven


& Seven

Stephane Plihon and Jean-Philippe Sirey are looking at tough
next seven days on their Moore 24 in the Pacific
. How much food did they say they have, again?

Today is exactly 7 days we are at sea and before the end of the day
we will be exactly a 1,000nm away from Kaneohe Bay, HI. It is exciting
to go down to 3 digits… The less exciting thing however is the lighter
forecast over the next 7 days. Where we are we would typically expect
regular trade winds with great surfing, it looks more like 10-15knts
with the wind in the direction to Hawaii. We’re going to have to sail
high to keep going fast and gybe quite a lot. Let’s hope the grib files
are wrong but so far they’ve been fairly accurate.