Harbor Cop Shoots and Kills

Cop Shoots and Kills

Yesterday we said we’ve never had much use for Harbor Patrols (Unbelievably
), and here in SD it is even worse as they are Harbor Police,
jack booted cops who bring a bad ‘tude to the notion of harbor patrolling.
Cops here in SD are also known to be trigger happy, and this story has
the stink of something very wrong.

San Diego Harbor Police fatally shot a man late Saturday after
he began fighting with officers who had just rescued him from the water.
Harbor Police responded to a call from a boat chartered for
a gay pride cruise about a man overboard about 11:50 p.m., said Harbor
Police Sgt. David Fouser. A police boat found the man in the water about
500 feet south of the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station on Harbor Drive across
from Lindbergh Field.