Clean Report, The Chase



a toxically delicious Friday night party at the Chicago Yacht Club,
we were out on the course Saturday from 10 AM until 3 chasing boats
around at the start of the 100th Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac.
We took and posted video
of each start
– and while with crap visibility and rain, they
weren’t anything that’d get your adrenalin flowing, we were still stoked
to basically miss nothing on the water all day.

We then jumped into the car and sped out of town to get back to a late-night
meeting in Detroit – all the way, receiving texts and calls from
our Anarchist pals giving us the updates from the water, which you all
got to read in the thread. Early this morning we got on the road, and
spent the next 14 hours driving from one end of Michigan to the other,
trying to catch the big boats coming North along the Lake Michigan shoreline.
With haze and generally 4-6 miles of distance between us and them, it
was a somewhat futile affair – though we did find Genuine Risk
and some others – well, we think it was them. You’ll see in the
videos what we did.