Small World



Our friends Stephane Plihon and Jean-Philippe Sirey are racing
doublehanded on their Moore 24 in the Pacific
. Don’t think we’ll be doing this anytime soon…

Today was shower day! Finally… I guess. The sun only came out for
a few hours but anyway the temperatures are now nice enough that there
was no excuses anymore. I took some clean clothes from a ziploc bag
and made sure to ziploc the dirty ones.

Yesterday I forgot to mention that a flying fish landed on the bow.
I took a picture before trying to rescue it. As I grabbed his tail he
tried to escape and found his way back in his environment. I guess he
came to say hello to his bigger cousin.

Last night we gybed and have been going south to look for more win
and to escape the high pressure coming down. We’ll see if that pays

Got it by a big squall (big cloud with strong winds) last night…
and did round down. The boat was on its side for a few minutes. It took
some time to clean up the mess and hoist the kite back up. Every night
is going to be the same drill from now on. Small squalls at the beginning
of the night, getting bigger as the night goes on.

Need to check the latest weather files to see if we should gybe back
now that it looks that we have found the wind we were looking for.