No Cigar

No Cigar

Today was another one of those all or nothing days, where all 4 of our
races were must wins at the Toyota
Sopot Match Rac
. Despite giving it our all we got nothing, dropping
one race to Eric Monnin of Switzerland – ruining our chances of
making the semi finals. We defeated Andrew Arbuzov in the morning, and
then took down New Zealand’s Adam Minoprio by almost half a leg,
but it was the Swiss who won the start in the third race. The wind swung
left throughout the course of the race, and Monnin capitalised on his
position and extended his lead to 4 boatlengths.

A rain front moved through around midday bringing with it thunder,
lightning and 20 knots of wind. Despite being down and out, we were
determined to regain some dignity in our final race against Peter Wibroe
of Denmark. We were quickly brought down to earth however, getting two
penalties and being over the line at the start. After wiping off our
first penalty, we were easily 15 lengths behind and things were looking
grim. However, at the top mark we noticed that we had made some significant
gains and reduced Wibroe’s lead to around 10 lengths. More gains
were made downwind, and after letting us split right, we managed to
get a port starboard situation at the top mark, and did our second spin
before rounding the top mark. Wibroe was persistent, and never stopped
putting the pressure on us, but this was one race we were not going
to lose.

The top four qualifiers, Adam Minoprio, Keith Swinton, Ian Ainslie
and Eric Monnin will be racing in the semi finals tomorrow. A special
thanks to Line7, Harken and the Royal Perth Yacht Club for their support
And thanks to Jürg
for the great on board action.

Kinley Fowler