Not Paradise



Although many consider Hawaii paradise, getting there is sometimes
not. Here’s what fun can be had on a Moore 24 double handing in the Pacific Cup.

Today I saw a patch of blue sky and the sun… but it was short lived,
maybe 20 minutes and it went away. Back to cloudy sky, no moon, no stars.
We’re really waiting for the sun to come out, hopefully tomorrow.

Last night was a wild night, reaching high all night, it was a wet
night. The boat and everything in it was quite wet as well. It was quite
a miserable environment so we pushed our night watches to 3 hours so
we don’t have to put the wet foulies back on too many times.

We had our 3rd freeze dried food meal tonight: Macaroni and Cheese.
We’re skipping a lot of the meals to eat the apples, oranges, bananas,
carrots and snacks. Just quicker than freeze dried food, if that’s possible

Since yesterday afternoon we’re headed towards Hawaii. There will be
options to play later on but for the moment we think that rhumb line
is the best option. This morning we had a little over 1,700 nm to go.
Still a lot of sailing to do.

Tonight we just hoisted the spinnaker for the first time, just before
the night came. The boat was lively reaching under the jib top but now
it is even another degree of balance to find by yourself, especially
that there is not much light out there. When we’ll be able to see the
moon it will make things easier to read the waves.

I’m going to download the latest grib files to check what the wind
forecast is expected to be over the next 4 days. We’ll see if that changes
our strategy. And then I need to get some sleep…

Flying Fish