AC Bore?


AC Bore?

this thing ever get back on the water? Who knows, especially after today,
but until it does it’s getting to be a real big bore. Bore number
1 of the day was Fuxia – what a name – Challenge telling
us they were going to represent a Croatian Yacht club, in AC34, with
their all girl AmCup team. OK fine, we’re all for equality and
there are lots of great women sailors, but what jarred was the bit about
“Fuxia Challenge is a marketing platform owned by Sport Xtension,
created to develop the first International sailing team exclusively
made of women sailors in the ISAF top ranking.” Yeah right, so
what happened to the Panama based company, called International Global
Service, with an Italian all girl Fuxia Challenge back in May 2007?
We’re willing to bet this is one boat that won’t get built.

bore of the day was the BMW Oracle Press Conference from Munich. You
didn’t have to be psychic to realize that the venue meant “BMW
to announce continued sponsorship.”, but there were hopes of some
more exciting revelations. It didn’t happen. Tom Ehman introduced
Russell Coutts as a legend and a great asset to the team, which we knew.
Russell talked about the complexities of designing a boat, without knowing
the likely winds and waves at the venue, which we also knew. The only
interesting bit – though it seems to have escaped everyone else – was
that Coutts twice mentioned the need to build the entire boat in the
country of the entrant. A hint of appeals to come? We do hope not!

The full audio has been uploaded to the BYM Gallery, in 3 parts: Opening
speeches by Ehman & Robertson; Coutts speech; Q&As. Listen here.