A chap named Karl Purdie just
won The 2008
OK Dinghy Worlds
and we thought it would be of interest to caht
him up and we did. Enjoy.

First, you just won the OK Worlds, but I suspect
most of our reader don’t know who are – tell us a bit about you.

have a fairly typical yachting background here in New Zealand. Started
sailing when I was 10 in P Class (Our countries national training dinghy
for under 16 yr olds- a lot more demanding than an optimist, basically
once you can sail one of these well you can sail anything. This class
has formed the basis for many of our countries most successful sailors
such as Chris Dickson and Russel Coutts), then moved into lasers, 470’s
and keelboats. I enjoyed some national success in these classes (various
top 3 places in national/regional regattas although I never won a national
title). Then I was very fortunate to get involved with Stewart Thwaites
"Starlight Express" and "Zana" ("Konica Minolta"
supermaxi) campaigns as mainsail trimmer once I moved to Wellington
from Auckland. On these boats I ended up doing 3 Sydney-Hobarts, 2 Auckland-Fiji
and 2 Auckland-Noumea races as well as a few Hamilton Island Race weeks
in Australia. I learnt a lot from observing various internationally
well recognised yachtsman such as Stu Bannatyne/Joey Allen that I sailed
with on these yachts. Following this I moved into the OK class in about
2004 mainly because my local sailing club (Worser Bay Boating Club)
had sailors such as Greg Wilcox (2002 OK World Champ), Paul "Gouch"
Rhodes and Joe Porebski (both of whom had also placed in the top 10
at various world champs) regularly sailing there. I figured if you want
to test yourself you may as well do it against the best. It would be
fair to say I was hammered by them for the first year and spent vast
quantities of time upside down. I ended up doing my first Worlds in
2006 in Australia where I placed 5th, then Poland last year where I
placed 3rd.