VOR, Stinky



Again, another look at life onboard in the middle of the ocean,
courtesy of Bouwe Bekking on the VO 70 Telefonica.
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The Med has shown itself from its best side in the last 24 hours. Sailors
who are going from the East to the West enjoy blue skies 25-35 knots,
huge short and steep waves, they are having the downwind ride of their

We can only look in disbelieve, as unfortunately we are traveling the
other way, crashing and banging upwind under one reef and a small jib,
the last couple of hundred miles, King Neptune is not giving easy to
us. Of course we can crack our sheets and rip the miles off in no time,
but rather give the boat and rig a good crash test in these conditions.
So far, so good.

Had a little issue with one of garbage bags onboard, normally we stow
them in the bow behind the watertight bulkhead, so you notice the smell
so much. When I was forward for quick inspection, I encountered an unpleasant
surprise. Immediately after opening the bulkhead a strong stench of
smell drove in my nozzles. Garbage everywhere. I asked one of the guys
if he knew about it and he nicked but he wanted to wait until it became
a bit calmer. He didn’t expect my reaction, when I said we clean
it up right now. Don’t delay until tomorrow, what you can do now.
First of all a clean ship, makes us all feel better once you are downstairs
and 2nd I have been bitten enough times in the bum by delaying things.
Poor guy: he was like Bambi on ice, sliding through the bow section
and sometimes got airborne when we leaped of a big wave. The sweat was
pouring of him and one test he survived: definitely he will never become
seasick! Talking seasickness, it has been a long time ago that I sailed
on a boat in these conditions that none of the crew even showed signs
of this. One worry less.

With the rest of the guys all is going well, all looking like pirates,
as so far nobody has shaved himself. The newcomers probably don’t
know this is allowed and think it is part of the Volvo Race. The “old”
foxes just don’t care anymore about this, especially since some
of us don’t have the families there for arrival.