Race Report


I and I

Here a short report of Day 1 of the Int 14 World at Warnemünde,
Germany, on the Baltic Sea.

and wavy conditions right to the start of race one of the Int14worlds
in Warnemuende Germany. Only 60 of the 86 started teams made it right
to finsih line which was first crossed by the british team Archie Massey/
Matt Noble after one hour and 55 Minutes. Lindsy Irwin famous aussie
14 pilot and 2005 world champion in the 14footer class made it to place
fifth getting overruled by his landsman Roger Blasse and Andrew Gilligan
which came in in second position today. For unknown reasons Irwin retired
after the race getting 87 points. As the Int.14 is the oldest dinghy
class, class rules only permitt one race per day in their worlds. So
lots of teams used the remaining time to get more familar with the hard
Warnemuende Chop. After lots of wild nosedivings, spectacular capesizes
and first breakages, most teams arrived happy at the sandys beaches
from Warnemuende and lots of great storys were reported. Beside the
fact that some teams have to work hard tonight, the german venue and
the race commitee showed their best sides. Tommorow condition will be
like today: 18-20 Knots and 2 Meter Waves. For results check
. Text by Anarchist Pussy Galore. Picture: Photocredit Berliner
Yacht Club