Not 4 Me


4 Me

is a little known race that sails around Massachusetts Bay called the
Corinthian 200 / Chapman Bowl, co sponsored by the Scituate Harbor Yacht
Club and the Corinthian Yacht Club in Marblehead. This race is your
standard Friday night local distance race, starting off Boston Harbor,
one lap counter clock wise around Mass Bay and ending in Marblehead
the next day in time for the party. Although the name suggests that
the race is 200 miles (and it once may have been) the version we sailed
was only about 80 miles.

I had the opportunity to sail on a J-105 called ‘It Wasn’t
Me’, the owner of ‘IWM’ is a man named Mike Richardson
(see attached photo of the guy steering). Mike is a local businessman
(and avid SA reader) who started sailing about 10 years ago. He has
been working hard to learn his 105, and after some time spent in the
One Design scene recently decided that he wanted to go distance racing.
Mike and his crew, who are nice enough to take me with them on the few
races that family and work commitments, allow me to make each year.