Big Pimpin’



Forespar has introduced an articulating aluminum sprit kit for multihulls ranging
from 25ft to 60ft. With this new Multihull Sprit Kit kit, current multihull
owners can now easily retrofit their existing boats to improve downwind
performance using reaching spinnakers and drifter sails.

Designed to articulate side-to-side, the user can position the sprit-end
to weather to increase sail exposure for better performance. Each sprit
pole is specifically sized to match the boat and can be rigged to use
with continuous line furling systems or custom configured. Depending
on installation, the sprit pole can also be lifted up out-of-the-way
or removed.

The Multihull Sprit Kit includes all parts necessary for installation
except the stays. The kit comes with sprit pole, UTS cross bar bracket,
end fitting and stainless steel tangs for stays. Clear anodized to military
standards, the pole is made of 6063-T6 marine alloy. Available through
local Forespar dealers, the kit can be owner installed or custom installed. E-mail for more info.