VOR, Who Clogged the Shitter?


Who Clogged the Shitter?

Telefonica skipper Bouwe Bekking, who will be providing SA
with daily reports during the VOR, checks in with today’s report – a
partial glimpse at the reality of life onboard…

Had another beautiful day yesterday. The last couple of miles into
the Strait of Gibraltar was just text book sailing, flat water, sunny
skies and an increasing breeze.

We had some fun with a couple of cruising boats, who were sailing dead
downwind, and we came screaming pass them sailing our angles. The cameras
were flashing. Just before the bay of Gibraltar, played cruising boat
as well, sailing goose winged with our gennaker. For the familiar people
not so familiar with this term, the mainsheet was on one tack and the
gennaker set on the opposite side. The Spanish have a real funny term
for this, and directly translated into English they would call it sailing
donkey-ears. I decided to do our rudder bearing check in the bay of
Gibraltar, and we dove deep into the bay, where we picked an anchor
buoy up. Two guys went in the water and inspected the bearing. There
was a bit of damage but no concern, so the rudder was put back in.