Old School



.The Cal 20’s had their Class Champs this past weekend and
Rich Roberts files this report. And while the picture below is not the
winner, it shows the reality of racing 40 year old boats!

competent sailor can make a hot boat go fast, but Mark Gaudio’s affinity
for old, slow boats is becoming the stuff of West Coast legend. The
51-year-old Newport Beach institutional bonds trader completed a triple
crown of sorts Sunday with a strong finish in big winds to win the 47th Cal
20 Class Championship
, hosted by Alamitos Bay Yacht Club. It was
his third class title in the past year following similar successes in
Lido 14’s and Naples Sabots—neither known for speed—and now he is
the Cal 20s’ first four-time champion, all four in the last eight years.
"I feel pretty good about that," he said. "This is a
tough class." He felt especially good about winning in winds 12
knots building to 16 through the afternoon.

He didn’t relish sailing with a combined crew weight of a mere 450
pounds to ballast the boat among himself, crew Erik Heim, 27, and the
hastily recruited Brian Bissel, 28. "We’re very light," he
said. "The other top guys are [a total of] 550 or more. We sailed
well for a windy regatta."