Life of Lia

of Lia

Bon Voyage Thomas

the logistics of getting a 105ft long by 55ft wide trimaran off the
dock without use of its own engine in 15-20kts of wind. Our objective
was to tow Sodeb’O round the end of the pontoon, (without losing the stern to the breeze
and Sodeb’O ending up on the beach 250 yards away) and then around
the 3ft sandbank that acts as a breakwater to Brooklyn Gateway Marina
and out into the dredged channel of Rockaway Inlet. Despite there being
three languages at play- French (Thomas Coleville, Martial Salvant and
Antoine Bourel), Fringlish (me, Ryan Finn and Stefan Fodor) and Brooklynese
(!) (of the tug boat captain and crew), lines were released in sequence,
the rib was in position pushing at the aft port stern of the main hull
and as one line after the other was cautiously released, Sodeb’O
safely rounded the pontoon end and the tow was finally underway.

While Thomas took the wheel, Antoine, Martial and I hauled the giant
red pad fenders onboard and coiled up the warp lines, each 150ft a piece.
Over a series of rib exchanges, we offloaded the dock lines and fenders
and gained photographer Daniel Forster (DPPI/for Sodeb’O), Patricia
Brochard, President of Sodeb’O and her two sons. When the photographer
had snapped to his satisfaction and procured images of Thomas in the
usual set of super sailing hero poses, the sun was low and we were bashing
to windward beyond the breakwater of Breezy Point into Lower New York