Top Shelf



What an impressive progression from the boys of Mirsky Racing
– from also-rans to second overall in the most recent Match
Race World Tour
. Here’s their story.

were chosen by Matthiu Richard in the semi finals, as he had won the
Round Robin stage with 9 wins and 2 losses. So we had our work cut out
for us from the start, while the “Swedish Derby” of Magnus
Holmburg and Matthias Rahm ran alongside our race.

We jumped ahead of Richard, winning the first two races of the series
convincingly. We could have taken Richard down 3-0, but we had a marginal
umpire call go against us at the second top mark and were forced to

Richard’s team managed to take a second race after completing
a penalty turn on the finishing line, and winning by half a boat length.
Although the momentum was now in favour of the French Sailing Team,
we still felt comfortable in our ability, and by lunchtime, our team
and Matthias Rahm’s were in the Finals, both winning 3-2.