At 18:15 hours GMT, yesterday, the Telefonica Volvo Open 70’s located
a small boat, 30 miles south of Almeria, at 36,13 N – 02,44 W.

Seeing that it was full people, including babies, and that some were
dead, the team suspended training and notified the Spanish rescue authorities,
on channel 16, in order to obtain the fastest possible assistance for
the occupants of this boat. Following orders, as the sea was calm, both
boats stood by the boat, without attempting to board it, until the rescue
vessel arrived.

The rescue took place at 20:10 GMT and both Telefonica boats stayed
in the area until the Guardia Civil del Mar finished the operation.
After thanking them for the notification, the Guardia Civil del Mar
told them they could continue sailing and, at 20:30 GMT, the boats headed
for the Atlantic Ocean again. Team Telefonica says that the crews of
the boats were deeply disturbed at coming into direct contact with this
terrible human tragedy, but feel satisfaction at having been able to
have helped the authorities to reach the boat and carry out a rescue.

Translation Marian Martin/BYM News