Royalty Rules



6 races at the fiercely competed 8-Metre World Cup at Hanko, Norway,
HM King Harald of Norway leads the scoreboard for the Sira Cup, the
Classic 8-Metre World Champions Trophy which is named after his own
yacht Sira (NOR-33) which has been in the family since 1938. The competition
is very strong and with 3 more races to go, far from over. Especially
Silja from Finland has been hunting to win the trophy for many years
and right behind her is the 2004 winner Cutty Tou from France. With
the modern 8-Metres the Swiss yacht Yquem is leading with the Scotts
on Lafayette and the Germans on Aluette tied for second. Hanko has so
far been offering some exceptionally great racing to the 25 strong fleet
of 8-Metres. Check here for the latest information and results.